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  • Doctor's Bag with a story on CD - Get well gift basket

Doctor’s Bag with a story on CD – Get well gift basket


Doctor’s Bag with a story on CD Get well gift basket, Send cheerful get well gift basket to a Colleague or friend to a hospital or home with gourmet foods.

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Product Description

Doctor’s Bag with a story on CD

A  great book on CD to listen to while recovering and tasty snacks to enjoy during the recovery.
Wish them well & keep them entertained with a fascinating story called The Doctor’s Bag written by John Schlarbaum.

Meanwhile they listen this story they can enjoy:

Aunt Gloria’s sugar cookies,
Carr crackers
breakfast tea
Hearty grilled cheese and tomato soup
White cheddar and potato soup mix
Walker’s butter cookies
Apricot jam 340ml

Sneak preview of the story:

The Doctor’s Bag

Written by John Schlarbaum

The Doctor’s Bag is a heartwarming sentimental journey through the many paths a family will travel together as they experience love, comfort, joy, trials, separations, and finally reconciliation.

The Doctor’s Bag tells the story of Thomas Sterling and his son, Robert, as they try to understand the other’s motives and actions, through the years. From early childhood to young adult hood, each chapter deals with a significant event, that will define both Robert’s and his father’s personalities.
The bond both father and son have is to the past: a doctor’s bag, which once contained the items to heal, but over the years has also been the touchstone for bitter arguments, misunderstandings, and resentments.
Seen through the eyes of both Thomas and Robert, The Doctor’s Bag is a simple inspirational message of love, hope and understanding. A truly original story that will touch the reader’s heart for years to come.

This gift is decorated with silk flowers, wrapped in cello and finished up with silk and curling ribbons and a nice card will deliver your special message.

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 11 x 8 in


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